Rehearsal - puttin' in the work prior.

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of starting a project with Famous Framus and Betty Bomb. Prior to the project beginning we  had a few chats about production, budget, and a foreseeable game-plan. All in, we had planned for 2-3 sessions for the bed-tracks, 2-3 sessions for overdubs/harmonies, 2-3 sessions for mix, and a final session for master. Well, had these guys EVER done their homework! Total, the entire album took as long as we had planned for just the bed track...recorded, mixed, and mastered. 

Folks, gone are the days where record companies are pumping huge dough in to artists and I would say, 90% of the projects here in the last decade have been independently funded (some with the help of FACTOR, and other Arts/Music grants). Being prepared as a solo artist or a group prior to coming in to the studio is so vital. It doesn't mean there is no place for some creative wiggle room once recording begins, but what it does mean is the "technicalities" of a song and the parts have been worked out - NOW we get to focus on vibe and not worry about someone "learning their part". 

It is frustrating from an engineering stand-point when I see bands who are not prepared to record - it generally ends in some form of internal argument within a group before the session is done, not to mention absolutely zero-productivity. 

Learn your material.  Learn your part(s) and perfect them to the best of your ability. Your studio experience will be so much brighter if you do a little homework. 



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