Burn out 

Earlier this week I had a conversation with a colleague who is just getting a start in to the real world of recording full-time. The topic of the discussion was “Burn-out” so I thought it would be a great little issue to comment on. 

People think making music is fun and that the creative process is always an energizing positive one. It certainly can be all of those things and is most times, but even so, it is exhausting physically and mentally.   

Making records enables us to be very creative and because of…

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Rehearsal - puttin' in the work prior.  

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of starting a project with Famous Framus and Betty Bomb. Prior to the project beginning we  had a few chats about production, budget, and a foreseeable game-plan. All in, we had planned for 2-3 sessions for the bed-tracks, 2-3 sessions for overdubs/harmonies, 2-3 sessions for mix, and a final session for master. Well, had these guys EVER done their homework! Total, the entire album took as long as we had planned for just the bed track...recorded, mixed, and…

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Welcome me to the late nineties!  

Well, I have bravely entered the world as it was twenty years ago with my first "on-purpose" online presence in the form of a journal, diary, or blog (I despise that word!)

This, my first entry will be short.

Thank you to all who are checking out my website - I appreciate your precious time. 

Currently I find myself looking out a window at a winter storm which has created traffic chaos thus I have a few free moments here whilst I wait.

I do not post much online about current/past projects out of respect…

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