Welcome me to the late nineties!

Well, I have bravely entered the world as it was twenty years ago with my first "on-purpose" online presence in the form of a journal, diary, or blog (I despise that word!)

This, my first entry will be short.

Thank you to all who are checking out my website - I appreciate your precious time. 

Currently I find myself looking out a window at a winter storm which has created traffic chaos thus I have a few free moments here whilst I wait.

I do not post much online about current/past projects out of respect for the privacy of those who wish to do those things themselves, so my aim here is to from-time-to-time offer some of my personal insights on recording acumen and such.

I am ears-deep in the middle of ten or so excellent albums right now and it has been a great few months of artists who truly are having a lot of fun making their music - I love being a part of that process. I'll talk a little more about these as time moves forward.

Usually at the end of a session, my ears are craving silence and my brain longs for any form of introversion, so this week (aside from shoveling A LOT of snow and taking more time than usual to navigate through my morning hikes with "Windsor the studio dog" - pictured below from our hike yesterday ) I am challenging myself to go hear some new live music - You should too! Let me know what you find.



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  • Mark
    Mark Boston
    Absolutely love this :) Great website design, and I hope you do more of these blog posts

    Absolutely love this smile Great website design, and I hope you do more of these blog posts

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