1. Would You?

From the recording Would You?

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Ed Mortenson: Drums
Andrew Collins: Electric guitars
Amy King: Bass, piano, percussion, acoustic guitars, organ
cello, synth, and vocals

The Group vocalists all recorded at home during the COVID-19
pandemic isolation period. A big thank-you to:

Garth Baker, Douglas Barr, Kyle Aaron Barr, George Brasovan, Bob Doidge, John Ennis, Sara Kerr, Susan Kerr, Matthew King, Frank Koren, Tara Luff, Michael Mancini, Joel McCabe,
Laurie McNair, Anthony Michelli, Dave Mitchell, Derek Palango, Tim Posgate, Duane Rutter,
Jackie Scott, Ed Sculthorpe, Vince Spoto, Bruce Tournay, Jennifer Vince, Shaun Vince,
Kirk Wells and Chris White

Recorded and Mixed by Amy King
at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada